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Oh the people you meet.

Reflecting on this past summer I realized that I had so many people come into my life that made me who I am. Friendships between friends I already had grew closer than ever.

Just when I thought my life was falling apart I always had my friends to hold it together. But as the summer went on those friendships grew and that once a week get together turned into every night bonding seshes all night long til the sun came up. It really was when I started to find myself. But it didn’t stop there.

I was blessed with an opportunity of a life time this summer. Which led me to meet so many people who would benefit me in the future and give me the important friendships I need. But it wasn’t til the next occurrence where I felt like everything I am working towards mattered.

On July 26, I met several people whose friendship I will forever value. It has seemed like all but a dream the past two years considering the fact that a screen was the only thing standing between us seeing eachother in real life oh and 2,750 miles. But god brought these people into my life on that very day and it will be one I never forget. It was the one moment in my life where I felt true happiness where my whole life made sense where I realized why I love music and what I want to do with it in the future. Those few hours i got to spend with them is something I wish I could live over and over but I hope to cross paths with them more in the future.

So this is where I end this. I will take every life lesson and friendship I made over this summer with me in this next chapter in my life. I know I will never let anything knock me down because I have a strong support system behind me always❤️

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